About us

Our Mission

In order to provide the best service to its guests in the tourism sector, Elysée Group Hotels is a follower and successful implementer of innovations, in order to improve the tourism image of our country; It acts in line with the principles of professionally effective organization with an amateur spirit, “accumulate unforgettable memories” for its guests, and providing its employees with the opportunity to work in a peaceful family environment.

our vision

Our aim is to be the leading company in the tourism sector in the region, to be the most satisfactory business for its guests and the most prestigious business for its employees, with its innovative, creative and environmentally friendly structure, without compromising the service concept in developing quality alternatives.

Company Policy

Our basic policy is to ensure that our guests are always satisfied with our service performance during their stay in our hotels, and therefore to ensure their loyalty to our hotels, and to always keep our hotels in a leading position in their category. "TOKUŞLAR OTELCİLİK TURİZM ve İNŞAAT A.Ş" and "TOKUŞ TURİSTİK YAT. TİC ve İNŞ. A.Ş." In its activities, while providing the highest quality service beyond the needs of its guests, it is aware of its social responsibilities, respects the law, acts sensitive to the environment, ensures the satisfaction of its employees, creates team spirit and aims to work efficiently for many years with the projects it develops.