Privacy and Cookie Policy

Even though it has been processed in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law, as regulated in Article 138 of the Turkish Penal Code and Article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law, if the reasons requiring processing are eliminated, our Company/Companies will delete or destroy personal data based on its own decision or upon the request of the personal data owner. or made anonymous. In this context, our Company takes the necessary technical and administrative measures within the Company in order to fulfill its relevant obligations; It has developed the necessary operating mechanisms in this regard; It trains, assigns and raises awareness of relevant business units in order to comply with these obligations.


While the names and surnames of people who come to our Company’s buildings as guests are obtained, or through texts posted in the Company or made accessible to guests in other ways, the personal data owners in question are clarified in this context. The data obtained for the purpose of tracking guest entry and exit is processed solely for this purpose, or the relevant personal data is recorded in the data recording system in the physical environment.


To ensure security by our company and for the purposes specified in this Policy; Internet access can be provided to our Visitors upon request during their stay in workplaces such as our buildings, facilities and hotels. In this case, log records regarding your internet access are recorded in accordance with Law No. 5651 and the mandatory provisions of the legislation issued in accordance with this Law; These records are processed only upon request by authorized public institutions and organizations or to fulfill our legal obligations during audit processes to be carried out within the 

Company. Only a limited number of Company employees have access to the log records obtained in this context. Company employees who have access to the aforementioned records access these records only for use in requests or audit processes from authorized public institutions and organizations and share them with legally authorized persons. 


A limited number of people who have access to the records declare with a confidentiality agreement that they will protect the confidentiality of the data they access.


On our company’s website; To ensure that people visiting these sites carry out their visits on the sites in accordance with the purposes of their visit; Internet movements within the site may be recorded by technical means (e.g. cookies) in order to show them customized content. Our cookie policy is also presented for your information.