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Damlatas, Dim, Pirates, Lovers Caves and The Phosphorium Cave

Damlatas Cave

It is located at the western foot of peninsula. There is a 50 m passage at the entrance. After the passage, there comes a cylindrical cavity. This leads to the basement of the cave. The stalactite and stalagmites inside the cave were formed in 15 thousand years. Besides its fascinating beauty, the cave is famous with its air, which is beneficial to asthmatic patients. Following the rumours that asthmatic benefited from breathing the air in the cave, scientists analyzed a sample of the air to verify the fact that the air was indeed beneficial to patients suffering from non-allergic asthma. They found that the air in the cave contains 10 to 12 times more carbon dioxide than normal air and has 95 % humidity. Temperature in the cave is 22 degrees centigrade. Both the radioactivity and ionization in the cave may contribute to the benefits derived from breathing the air in the cave.

Dim Cave

It is located 12 km east of Alanya, on the slope of Cebel-i Reis Mountain of 1,649 metres. It has an altitude of 232 m. It is the second biggest cave known to the visitors. It is estimated to be 1 million years old. There are two paths inside the cave. One is of 50 m, the other of 360 metres. There is a small lake towards the end of the cave. The 360 m. long path is prepared and illuminated, to provide a pleasant excursion offering tremendous scenery of stalagmite and stalactite for the visitors.

Pirates Cave

It is a sea cave under the historical peninsula. You can get there only by sea. It is ten meters width and 6 meters height. Small boats can enter the cave. There was a rumour that there was a hidden path reaching the castle and the pirates of ancient time took out their booty from this path to the upward part of the castle. The image of the rocks under the sea makes the cave more mysterious.

Lovers Cave

The cave, situated by the side of the historical peninsula, has two entrances. It is 75 meters long and you can reach the low entrance with a few steps. Since it has a low ceiling, you sometimes bend down while walking. The height of the entrance on the side of Damlataş Cave from the sea is 8m. You can jump into the sea here.

The Phosphorium Cave

It is a sea cave on the Damlataş Cave side of the peninsula. Small boats are able to enter the cave. Due to its geological construction including phosphorous , the ground shines almost as if flourescently at nights due to the reflection of the moonlight. It is also possible to notice the glitter in the daytime. There are also the short swimming breaks in front of the cave as swimming here is an enjoyable experience.