Discover & Enjoy Alanya



What would you like to eat in Alanya? Let us remind you: it is not possible to find such a variety of choices from all favourite kitchens of the world. We recommend you to taste Turkish food – exotic types of “Şiş kebab” prepared by chief cooks and traditional Alanya food. The fish, brought from the deep blue seas of the Mediterranean, are in the freezers for you. You should have a look. You may also start with a slice of white cheese and melon and “Raki”.


Keep in mind that Rakı is very strong and drunk slowly. It should not be consumed quickly. Because of the anise it contains, raki changes colour and becomes a milky white when water is added. Additional glass of pure water to go with it gives a refreshing taste. Some people drink Rakı straight .One sip rakı, one sip water – it softens this strong drink. Rakı goes well with good conversation. It is customary to eat meze (various foods served in small plates) while drinking rakı. Raki is usually drunk with cold dishes and seafood.


For the best Turkish coffee, roasted coffee beans have to be grinded just before making it. Turkish coffee, depending on the ones taste can be bitter (no sugar), with a little sugar, with medium sugar or with lots of sugar.

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