Rules of behaviour

in historical areas

Rules of behaviour in historical areas

The rules of conduct in historical sites generally aim to preserve and show respect for historical places and artifacts. Some general rules of conduct are:

1.       Be quiet in historical sites: Speaking loudly, making noise, or playing music in historical sites may disturb other visitors. Therefore, it is more appropriate to walk quietly.

2.       Do not touch historical artifacts: The artifacts displayed in historical sites are delicate and fragile. Therefore, it is important to avoid touching, scratching, or etching them.

3.       Be careful when taking photographs: Taking photographs in historical places is a great way to immortalize memories, but be careful not to disturb other visitors while doing so. Also, some places may prohibit taking photographs, so pay attention to signs.

4.       Follow instructions: Historical sites usually have signs and instructions. These signs are necessary to ensure the safety of visitors and the preservation of historical sites. Therefore, read and follow these instructions carefully.

5.       Dispose of your trash properly: It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve and keep historical places clean. Therefore, dispose of your trash in the appropriate places during your visit.

Be respectful: Showing respect for historical places and artifacts encourages other visitors to do the same. Therefore, it is important to behave respectfully towards historical sites and artifacts.”